Eye Tracking the Mobile User Experience

Eye tracking is now more accessible to UX professionals than ever before. Recent advancements in technology have made eye tracking less expensive, much easier to use, and flexible enough to track a variety of devices. However, few UX professionals are aware that eye tracking isn’t just for big screens anymore. Eye tracking technology and its uses are evolving. The ability to accurately and unobtrusively conduct eye tracking research on a mobile device (smart phones, tablets, etc.) was impossible until only very recently. Mobile devices are becoming a dominant interface for our users and we need to be able understand what attracts their attention and what they see when interacting with these devices.

Conducting mobile eye tracking research can be complex. Eye tracking needs to be carefully considered during the planning of a user research study, particularly when evaluating mobile devices. Testing a mobile device with eye tracking can be daunting if the study objectives are not carefully selected, and if plans have not been made to make the necessary accommodations required to obtain reliable and accurate data.

Mobile experiences are highly contextual and it can be difficult to recreate the mobile user’s environment within a lab setting. It is important to understand the different eye tracking configurations available to create a balance between a realistic environment and the need to collect comparable data across participants.

This workshop will empower attendees with the knowledge and experiences necessary to conduct eye tracking on mobile devices as well as a clear understanding of the benefits of applying this technology to their user research projects.

Workshop attendees should be familiar with traditional user experience testing methodology. The facilitator will assume that all participants have an understanding of user research and will ideally have had some experience conducting user experience tests.
Prior eye tracking experience is not required for this workshop. The beginning of the workshop will be used to make sure that all participants have a solid understanding of basic eye tracking principles and applications. The rest of the session will delve into more advanced applications and how to analyze mobile eye tracking data.

Workshop Schedule

  • An intro to mobile eye tracking in the field of user experience research
  • Demonstration: mobile eye tracking in action
  • Discussion: how to design a mobile eye tracking study
  • Group activity: design a mobile eye tracking study
  • Discussion: how to conduct a mobile eye tracking session
  • Group activity: mock user experience test using the mobile eye tracker
  • Group activity: analysis of mock UX test results

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Date: January 24, 2015 Time: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm