Experience Mapping to Drive Strategy

In this presentation, we will discuss how we built a guest experience map at Alaska Airlines and developed a framework around it to help facilitate cross-team and organization collaboration. We will discuss how to build these kinds of maps from mapping the core customer experience to developing modules based on the needs of specific product initiatives, and how to build a research program to support these efforts.  

The benefit of this framework is that it can be used at any phase in the development cycle, allows for impactful research by identifying knowledge gaps from developing strategies for leadership to identifying user research needs at a tactical level, and scales to meet the needs of an organization.  

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Location: Grand 1 Date: March 4, 2020 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm photo of Ona Anicello

Ona Anicello

Alaska Airlines

photo of Aubri Denevan

Aubri Denevan

Alaska Airlines