Enhancing Service Experience With Intelligent Spaces

Co-creation is an integral part of service design and is shaping the way we design services in the future. Not only does it activate dialogue, but it effectively brings people together to work towards a common goal by working collaboratively. One of the best parts of the Service Design process is facilitating and creating that platform for collaboration. There are countless tools out there available to map experiences, describe paths and journeys, but what we needed was a tool to explore, play freely and in an open environment.

With this in mind, Digitalist created a Service Sandbox, and as a starting package set, we focused on the building blocks on the smart living and smart citizen experiences. The following packages are differentiating in physical and virtual contexts as their specific sets of intelligent appliances. The Service Sandbox makes concepts tangible and physically interactive. It includes a significant number of necessary building blocks to create the level of engagement and shared understanding of the service value to the end-customer as well as the understanding of its complexity.

Takeaways include

  • Meet a new service design method and tool to co-create and discover the possibilities of connectivity and data on physical environments
  • Learn how to work with “situations and moments” to leverage customer experience
  • Learn to frame a design process based on multidisciplinary, modular sequences and systematic thinking.

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Location: Orcas Date: March 4, 2020 Time: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm photo of Jane Vita

Jane Vita