Employing UX Research Methods to Create User-informed Text

UX writers at Google craft the words for apps that get read by millions of users. Partnering with research can mean the difference between an app that fails and one that takes off. This talk focuses on the importance of collaboration between UX writing and UX research. Yvonne Gando (UX Writer) and Utkarsh Seth (UX Researcher) will talk about how they’ve incorporated research methods – such as RITE, Heuristic Evaluation, Surveys and Ethnographic studies – into the process of UX writing to make language more objective. They’ll talk about how they learned to successfully champion user-informed text into the apps at Google, and share proven methods and tools through real-life case studies to help other UX writers in the field.

Attendees will walk out of the presentation with:

  • A knowledge of the importance of collaboration between UX Research and UX Writing and how can the two disciplines partner better.
  • A list of UX Research methods (combination of do-it-yourself & with partnering with UX Research) UX Writers can employ to create content which is user-informed and objective.
  • Specific case studies of how Yvonne Gando and Utkarsh Seth have employed these research methods in a variety of cases and how are these methods generalizable and can be employed by any product/feature area.

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Date: March 1, 2017 Time: 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm photo of Utkarsh Seth

Utkarsh Seth


photo of Yvonne Gando

Yvonne Gando