Disruptive Testing for Disruptive Technology: How to test without a prototype

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For decades, designers have created and used tools that make it easy to create prototypes: sketches and wireframing tools are fast and simple ways to test hypotheses of interfaces and interactions.

However, now designers have to deal with IoT, AI or robots… and it is not as simple to create prototypes to test their first assumptions anymore. Arduino can require some time and, more than often, robots or other new technologies are still in development, and are not at the designer’s disposal.

It is still necessary to validate first assumptions about the concept and the product / service as soon as possible. That’s where disruptive testing methods without prototypes can be useful. In this talk, we’ll review them: some have been here for a while, like guided fantasy, wizard of Oz and mechanical Turk. Others are much more recent, like the AXE (Anticipated eXperience Evaluation), first published in 2012. This approach utilizes opposed images as interview stimuli to facilitate the metaphorical thinking and reflection of participants. It provides insights on how future users might experience and value a product or service concept.

The talk will illustrate each method with a use case from the speaker’s experience of innovative projects in various contexts, like IoT for the cooking field or service design with a parking valet robot…

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Date: February 28, 2018 Time: 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm photo of Sylvie Daumal

Sylvie Daumal