Designing for the Patient

Principles and best practices for designing an excellent health care experience

For the most part, people don’t engage with the health care system by choice; when you’re healthy, the doctor is the last thing on your mind. How can you design an excellent experience for people who don’t really want to be there?

As health care evolves the focus is shifting toward keeping people healthy and out of the hospital rather than just treating disease when it becomes a problem. How do you design a system that when it works well has fewer users?

The future of health care is consumer driven by patients who know what they want in an experience and are seeking expert support to achieve their self-defined aims. This future will require completely new experiences and systems that support patients as they self-navigate through an opaque and complex system to find answers and hope. How does design enable providing transparency and simplicity in an impossibly complex system?


  • Design principles for supporting the patient as a consumer
  • Case studies that illustrate the unique aspects of designing for patients
  • How to balance expertise with easily accessed information in a complex system

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Location: Grand 2 Date: March 3, 2020 Time: 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm photo of Allison Matthews

Allison Matthews

Mayo Clinic