Designing for Highly Technical Domains

Designing for highly technical domains can often seem scary (and even boring) for many designers – especially when you know so little about a domain, have probably never interacted with those users, or feel like you have to be a domain expert to begin designing for it. Even for designers already working in highly technical domains, it can often be hard to make sense of the complexity, truly operating on first principles and building trusting relationships with your stakeholders who may or may not have experience working with designers before.

You will learn

  • Strategies that have helped (and not helped) the speaker in her career to ramp up on an unfamiliar domain quickly
  • Examples of setting up processes in the team to truly operate on first principles and try to understand user’s workflows better
  • Strategies that helped the speaker build trusting relationships and influence highly technical stakeholders, who may or may not have previous experience working with design

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Interest Area: Design Date: May 2, 2023 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm Head and shoulder photo of Ridhima Gupta.

Ridhima Gupta
Senior Product Designer • Databricks