Design Do’s and Don’ts for Great AR

The blend of the digital and real worlds in augmented reality can be an immersive and engaging experience, or a major headache, nuisance and technology flop. Designing AR content requires rewriting smart screen and web design principles to blend them with multimodal interaction options – voice, gestures, eye movements, touch and whole-body movements. AR content and interactions must be optimized for the platform on which the content is presented and for the context of use. For instance, different design techniques are required to support a user who relies on smart glass AR information displays for task guidance versus for information consumption. Similarly, viewing AR content on mobile screens through or without a viewer box, must also rely on other sets of design approaches. This talk will cover design do’s and don’ts for AR content and include various hands-ons demos to illustrate the advice.

The talk will address these questions:

  • What are best practices to design AR content and interactions for smart glasses?
  • What are best practices to design AR content and interactions for mobile screens with and without viewer boxes?
  • What are similar and different visual and interaction design principles between AR and mobile user interfaces?

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Date: March 2, 2017 Time: 9:15 am - 10:00 am photo of Evelina Tapia

Evelina Tapia, PhD


photo of Osama Ashawa

Osama Ashawa