Deploying Scalable Solutions Across Multiple Platforms

This session described a way to optimize limited resources to deploy across a wide variety of platforms through systematization and component discipline.

Four years ago development began on reinventing the user interface for the leading home automation platform. The decade old product was overdue for a refresh. The challenge was to modernize the interface and retain customer existing customers while making an attractive modern experience for potential new customers.

The small UX team was challenged with redesigning an expansive system while maintaining the current platform. The presentation will address how the team tackled the challenges. How they embraced new software tools to streamline and unify development. The four year effort culminating in the realize of an award winning software offering in the competitive space of home automation.

You’ll Learn

  • How component libraries accelerate design and enforce uniform styling.
  • How to unify broad functionality disparity into a single simple interface.
  • How design tenets resolve bottlenecks and reduce inter-team friction.
  • How to effectively apply a small team to a large project.

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Location: Room TBA Date: March 3, 2020 Time: 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm photo of Keith Haney

Keith Haney