Creating a New, Empowered UX Team Within an Engineering-centered Organization

Over the past 25 years, User Experience has grown into a mature discipline, considered table stakes at any company with a digital presence, supported by many degree-giving programs at top-ranked universities. Yet there are still many organizations that make passing or modest investments in UX. Up until three years ago, Cherwell Software was one such company.

Cherwell realized they needed to make a change, but it’s not as easy as simply adding headcount. If a new team is going to affect a product or service for good, that team needs empowered leadership. And that leadership needs to know how to influence the product-development process by building advocacy and trust at all levels of the organization. A trusted, empowered UX team can help create a truly user-centered culture. We’ll talk about the challenges and opportunities in creating a brand-new UX team at Cherwell, and how we were able to give UX a prominent seat at the table at Cherwell

What attendees will learn:

  • Common challenges in creating brand-new UX teams at companies, with specific examples from Cherwell and other organizations
  • Strategies for building advocacy and trust with key stakeholders across your organization
  • A case study showing how Cherwell’s UX team used a major project to make user experience a critical part of the way the company does business

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Location: Orcas Date: March 3, 2020 Time: 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm photo of Chris Paddock

Chris Paddock

Cherwell Software