Connected Aircraft

GE Aviation Digital designs and delivers software solutions to solve aviation’s toughest challenges. With our industry expertise and legacy coupled with thorough research on aviation technology, trends, customer insights, and trials and errors, we can forecast and prepare for the connected aircraft landscape in 2020.
This presentation is an overview of our perspective at GE Aviation Digital on how connectivity and design empowers aviation personnel to achieve safer, more efficient flights, and seamless operation. For us, this goes beyond the customer experience of booking travel and airport transit.

In this session, we will uncover:

  • Industry trends
  • Safety and trust in UX
  • Designing for regulations and implications
  • Asset leasing and ownership
  • Asset monitoring and maintenance
  • Technology and design’s impact on work culture
  • Technology and design’s impact on business protocol

Technology doesn’t just live on the surface. In Aviation Digital we design everything from applications for pilots, maintenance and operations of aircraft, safety software, air traffic control, flight planning, maintenance planning on ships… the list is quite endless. We hope you join us and discover where design and technology will make a difference.

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Location: Bell Harbor Conference Center Date: March 11, 2019 Time: 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm Photo of Umy Boonmarlart

Umy Boonmarlart

GE Aviation Digital

Photo of Maggie Murphy

Maggie Murphy

GE Aviation Digital