Building Successful Consumer Products End to End

Having led design teams across a variety of global-scale products (including Google Maps, YouTube, and Facebook), I’ve found there are some themes that repeat themselves, both in the aspects that make products successful and in the issues teams struggle with. I’m still learning each day, but in this talk, I’ll cover some of the common patterns, lessons learned, and also reassure you there are some gnarly issues that are just really hard to solve elegantly! Ideally, you’ll come away from this talk with some tips on:

  • How to turn conversations towards people problems when they go awry
  • How to effectively partner with and leverage other product functions
  • How to stay focused on what really matters
  • How to drive from concept to execution in different environments

Design View Full Agenda
Date: March 1, 2018 Time: 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm photo of Elizabeth Laraki

Elizabeth Laraki