Blazing the Trail: Leading Design Within an Enterprise

It’s easy to spot designers working for start-ups, boutique agencies, or for small to medium-sized tech companies, whose work is focused on a single product or suite of related products; all with the goal of creating an optimal user experience and driving business results.

But what if you find yourself in the center of a large enterprise, designing products or systems for your enterprise’s employees (aka, your fellow co-workers), where business goals are not as easily defined? What if the larger enterprise’s goals feel abstract or materially unrelated to your role? If you’re a designer working within an enterprise, there’s a high likelihood your experience feels very different from those of other designers working in smaller settings. It can be hard to identify with broader design industry conversations, or even apply best practices directly to your work. But don’t lose heart! Despite these unique challenges, you can still deliver design excellence and help drive results that your enterprise—and importantly, you—can feel proud of.

Attendees will come away with ideas to:

  • Help introduce, define, and influence a forward-thinking discipline in a large-scale enterprise where UX is relatively new
  • Adopt and apply best practices to drive design excellence and business results
  • Adapt design and research to large-scale, internally-facing products/systems that need to accommodate diverse user needs and ever-growing capabilities
  • Keep current, build your internal UX community, and stay inspired


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Location: Grand 2 Date: March 3, 2020 Time: 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm photo of Christine Fajardo

Christine Fajardo

Liberty Mutual