Applying Design Sprint to Commerce Show Planning


How might we apply Design Sprint to the broadcasting industry to design home shopping shows that satisfy customer needs?

Project brief

In this project showcase, I would like to share how GS SHOP applied Design Sprint to our commerce show planning.

Every element of TV home shopping shows, such as shopping hosts, scripts, studio, and the flow of the show are the touch points that build a customer experience with consistency. These touch points are created from the experience and theory of internal experts that include producers, MDs, and set designers. That being said, the existing broadcasting industry heavily relies on experts’ insight, rather than objective data that reflect users’ needs. Once the knowledge on certain products is accumulated after a number of shows, only then it becomes easier to understand their needs. This means launching new products can be very challenging; it is difficult to design the right show that fulfills the customers’ needs.

Our project applies Design Sprint to show planning processes. With our design sprint approach, we prototype ideas together with all the stakeholders and improve them by receiving feedback from the customers.

When planning a show for newly launching products, we first identify key selling points to emphasize about the products through ideation. The stakeholders such as marketers, merchandisers, and producers are involved in this process to discuss how we are going to deliver the key selling points during the show. We then produce a 10 minute-home shopping show as a prototype. Around five to ten targeted customers are invited to watch the show and give us feedback. By doing so, we validate our hypothesis and improve the user experience to be delivered through the show.

We also validate the performance of the shows after they went live. Today, over 80% of our customers shop through mobile devices. We analyze their behavior pattern data including Unique Views and Conversion Rate. We sometimes go further and conduct survey on their preferences and satisfaction on new products and shows.

• GS SHOP is the most successful home shopping company in Korea (similar to QVC). We started as a broadcasting company and we are now focusing on mobile-based commerce. We have recently set our vision to become a lifestyle design company. To achieve the vision, we are committed to creating a corporate culture that centers around our users.

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