Achieving Accessibility in Practice through a Design System

We all understand the power of accessible and inclusive products. But since accessibility doesn’t hurt the bottom line for most small organizations/ startups, it is more often than not, kept on a back burner. Or, they could be restricted in the budget, resources or expertise to put dedicated efforts into accessibility.

In such a case, where does one even start? How does one go about achieving accessibility goals? The answer lies in starting small…one component at a time!!

In this session, I want to talk about my journey of how I was able to set up accessibility guidelines for the product by setting up an accessible design system. Design systems are not only great for setting up sound design and development processes, but their role expands far and wide. Adding the layer of accessibility guidelines on top of components makes sure that your product is set up for success from the ground up.

Accessibility as a whole has changed my worldview of design as a discipline. Join me in the quest to explore what impact it can have on you!!

Key takeaways

  • Preview of accessibility and its key tenets
  • Advocating ROI for the design system with accessibility as a bonus
  • Setting up an accessible design system and pattern library

Design View Full Agenda
Location: Room TBA Date: March 4, 2020 Time: 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm photo of Apurva Gupta

Apurva Gupta

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