Accolade Online

Accolade is a personalized health and benefits solution that dramatically improves the experience, outcomes and cost of healthcare for employers, health plans and their members (users). Accolade applies a proprietary influence model to empower members to make smart decisions. Accolade Health Assistants and Nurses are trained in this model and use their expertise to build trusted relationships in a way that personalizes and simplifies the healthcare experience for members.

Earlier this year, Accolade introduced a new online member portal, Accolade Online. The goal was to give members another platform, in addition to the mobile app, that allowed them to send secure messages to a Health Assistant or Nurse with any health or benefits questions. The challenge posed to the product and UX teams was to design online tools that create the same trusted relationships and personalized experience for members through mobile and online platforms, while supporting the needs of Health Assistants and Nurses. Using user-centered design processes, we quickly aligned a cross-functional multinational team toward a common vision.

Map user journey – Take a step back to understand the member’s journey within the American healthcare system, focusing on their current touchpoints, pain points and barriers.
Brainstorm – What are the “moments of truth” in the member’s experience? Where are their gaps and how can Accolade fill them? What are the biggest pain points and barriers? What could Accolade do to help simplify this complex process?
Prioritization – How valuable are these ideas to the member? To the customer (their employer)? How feasible are these concepts and ideas?
Determine MVP – What will we build now? What will we start working toward as a long-term goal?
Plan for dependencies – Should we use a service blue print to map out the who, what, when and how?

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