Career Growth Kick-in-the-Pants

When you think about your ‘career,’ do you stand up straighter or slump a little? Are you doing the job you want to be doing? Do you feel lost about finding the path to moving up in your company and the world of UX professionals? Have you been intending to update your portfolio and/or resume […]

Voice Product Strategy

The new world of voice-driven products is exciting and the opportunities are many. They present an opportunity that could be more disruptive than the web or mobile in the long term. For that to happen, some of the the considerations and steps require an evolution of product and design approaches. This workshop will introduce you […]

Thinking-styles vs. Personas

A well-researched persona is a good tool if you guide your strategy and scenario-writing by them. But typically Personas are built in a day from quantitative data and invented “decorative” detail. This demographic approach to Personas that is so common with marketing and product owners is a misconstrued mashup of ad placement direction and design […]

Product Design for How People Think

Using Brain Science to Build Better Products Companies spend enormous amounts of time and money designing the experience for products and services. But in truth, “the” user experience isn’t a singular experience at all. And it doesn’t happen on any screen – it happens in the mind. More specifically, the six minds. Discover how UX […]

What really happens when Agile meets User Experience

Design experts often leverage the best of design thinking, user research, and lean user experience to create products customer love. With the increasing popularity of agility in digital product development, there are a lot of natural synergies with the design process, but it comes with its share of challenges. In this talk we talk about […]

Developing Durable Stakeholder Agreement with In/Tension Models

You’ve heard the wise saying about going far and going fast? Of course it would be better if the grand group of stakeholders for our projects were meaningfully involved and actively engaged in setting up the project for success. But that’s like herding cats, right? And possibly the most expensive meeting of the year. Even […]

Aligning Organizations Around a Single Product Vision

In their Day 2 workshop, Geoff and Bill presented a high-level vision of a process that combines components of user experience, beautiful design and brand vision. This workshop builds from that vision with tangible, reproducible activities. Participants will benefit from lessons learned from projects at Blink UX and begin forming their own ideas and strategies […]