“I’ll never use Morae again”

This talk will explore why, after many years of use, I’ve given up using “usability” software and adopted hardware and software from the broadcasting industry. This talk will include live demos and attendees will come away with what they need to record and stream user research on mobile, desktop, and hardware for little or no-cost.

Designing for VR/AR

In consumer-facing VR/AR, we are seeing the rise of immersive computing, supplementing our everyday world of web and mobile computing. This means that our interfaces become 360, beyond the 2D flat screens of web and mobile. As UX professionals accustomed to Adobe CC, Axure, and Sketch, how are we to prototype for VR/AR? What are […]

AI: Old Friend, New Tricks

How new is artificial intelligence to design? For as much as we hear that AI is brand new, it has a much longer relationship to design—going back more than 50 years. In fact, UX, interaction design and interactivity as we know it exists because of collaborations between architects, designers, and technologists that extend back to […]

The Cooperative Principle in Conversation Design

“Are You Sitting Down?”   Let’s face it. Right now, most voice user interfaces (VUIs) fall short of the future we were promised by science fiction, surrounded by artificial intelligence and effortless conversations with clever robots and smart appliances. So how do we get there? For starters, we have to teach our machines to talk to […]

Interaction Design Bootcamp: Sketch and InVision

Workshop files and instructions Join the conference Slack site on our FAQ page and then find the channel: workshop_swaroop Download the free trial version of Sketch here if you don’t already have one: Download the free program IconJar here: Download InVision plug-in here: I have attached a zip file containing the font Roboto which […]

Delivering on the Promise of Voice with Alexa

Voice has hit the mainstream. It has never been easier to create voice interactions for users. Amazon’s platform enables third parties to access the benefits of voice by developing Alexa skills, with which users can perform actions ranging from ordering a pizza to dimming the living room lights. There are thousands of Alexa skills available, […]

The IA of AI

Workshop slides If you’ve noticed in increase in attention from the SEO down the hall, it is because Google has determined that UX is the most SEO-proof ranking ranking influence for search results. This is not the UX that we practice. It is UX that is calculated, not observed. It is predicted based on past […]

Introduction to Axure

Axure is a popular software tool for wireframing and clickable interactive prototypes. Axure lets you quickly brainstorm, socialize ideas, iterate, and user test on desktop as well as mobile devices. This half day workshop will focus on some core Axure skills and getting more comfortable with “speaking Axure’s language” to bring to life whatever you […]

Design Do’s and Don’ts for Great AR

Session slides The blend of the digital and real worlds in augmented reality can be an immersive and engaging experience, or a major headache, nuisance and technology flop. Designing AR content requires rewriting smart screen and web design principles to blend them with multimodal interaction options – voice, gestures, eye movements, touch and whole-body movements. […]

The Mobile-ization of Healthcare

Not that long ago, the only source a patient had for healthcare expertise was their doctor, and the limited time they could spend in a brief office visit. Monitoring symptoms and activities, tracking health changes, and managing care was primarily dependent on the healthcare provider and the hours available in their schedule, but mobile technology […]