This page has links to video recordings, slides and other materials from the sessions.

Tuesday, February 27

Creating and Using Alignment Personas to Wrangle Executives, Tamara Adlin

Planning for Strategic Design, Peter Morville

Building Efficient and Informative Research Programs for Product Design Teams, G. Harrison, T. Satwicz

Improvise to Empathize, Karen Reilly

Design for Well-Being, Pamela Pavliscak

Designing for voice and conversational UX with Cortana, S. Landry, S. McMurray

Crafting the Discovery Phase: Starting Design Projects Right, Dan Brown

Building your Visual Facilitation Skills, Leonardo Monteiro de Miranda

Designing for VR/AR, Di Dang

Understanding and Applying Accessibility: A Crash Course, Shell Little

Wednesday, February 28

The Architecture of Understanding, Peter Morville

Achieving the Right Mindset for Design Discovery, Dan Brown

Informing Agile Software Development with Continuous User Insight, R. Destello & J. Marx

The Emotional Life of Internet Things, Pamela Pavliscak

Collaboration Through a Content Journey Approach, Melissa Breker

How to use the Jobs to Be Done framework, Jillian Wells

What Designers Need to Know about Accessibility, Jon Gunderson

Using Data Science to Quantify User Journeys, Sam Zaiss

Designing a Human Conversation, Alexandra Cahill

When UX Takes a Daytrip to Paris, Natalie Moser

A Decision-making Framework for Mobile Apps, Paul Tidwell

“I’ll never use Morae again”, Kelly Franznick

Design Sprints in the Wild, David Holmberg and Christian Silk

Designing for Decision-making, Sol Mesz

Designing enterprise interfaces with the expert user in mind, Kams Thorum

How to Test Without a Prototype, Sylvie Daumal

Don’t Forget Your Keys (in Accessibility), Sarah Higley

Thursday, March 1

This Makes Me Feel ☺: Capturing and Measuring Emotions in UX, Sarah Garcia

Inviting Experimentation by Design, Cliff Seal

20 Million People, 12 Days, 8 Organizations, and 1 George Clooney, Dave Hightower

Designing an Enterprise Platform from Scratch, Tristan Plank

How to Hire and Manage Consulting Firms and Freelancers, Cory Lebson

Mixed Methods Research in Support of Design, Dalia El-Shimy

Making Scientific Data Usable & Useful, Kevin Murphy

3 Keys for Successful Platform Design at NPR, Daniel Newman

Design + DevOps, Esteban Pérez-Hemminger and Troy Bjerke

Inclusion Starts with “I”:, Jessica Eggert

Design Sprints, Kai Haley

Building Successful Consumer Products End to End, Elizabeth Laraki

AI: Old Friend, New Tricks, Molly Wright Steenson