ConveyUX uses an event platform called Hopin. This event space offers you a variety of ways to enjoy the content and communicate with other attendees, including a virtual stage area, networking opportunities, an expo booth, and much more.

All the event activities take place in Hopin. Here are a few tips to help you as you attend the conference.


Hopin is a secure, password-protected event platform. Every attendee must create their own free Hopin account to access events (typically done during registration).


In a Hopin event, use the sidebar menu (pictured right) to navigate to Reception, Stage, Sessions, Networking, and Expo.

Red LIVE tags alert you to active areas.


When you join a live event, you start in the Reception area—your event lobby and information hub.

In Reception, you will see the:

Scroll to the bottom of the screen to view the event schedule. It is below the sponsor icons. The stage presentations, sessions, workshops, and breaks are all displayed there.

In the event schedule, the activities in progress have a light blue background and a red NOW tag. You can click a session or workshop in the schedule to enter it.

Click the What’s happening now  buttons as they appear in Reception to quickly navigate to an activity.


Watch all presentations, as well as opening and closing remarks, in the Stage area.

Post any questions or comments in Stage chat.

All Stage activities are recorded.

All video recordings, speaker slides, and chat logs are made available to all attendees in a password-protected environment after the event.


Sessions are virtual rooms within the event.

In the schedule, sessions are labeled with the Hopin session icon and the word Sessions.

Conference workshops are different than sessions in that they are satellite event spaces and therefore require an extra step to enter them. When you select a workshop in the schedule, Hopin displays the workshop’s preview page. From this page, click the blue Enter event  button to get into the workshop.

Workshops do not have a Hopin icon or text tag. You can identify workshops by the word Workshop  at the beginning of the activity’s title.

To return to the conference’s reception page from a workshop’s reception page, find the Return to main conference activity under What’s happening now. Then, click the blue Enter  button.


The Networking area automates your discovery of new connections.

Randomly Connect

In the Networking area, the system randomly connects you one-on-one with other attendees. You will never meet the same person twice in the Networking area during an event.

Exchange Information

During a meeting, click Connect to exchange contact information, similar to exchanging business cards at a physical event. When both people click Connect, a new connection appears in their respective accounts.

Add time

Networking meetings last three minutes.  During a meeting, click Extend to add more time. The other person will receive a notice to confirm if they wish to extend the meeting.


Here are a few conversation starters (remember to watch the clock!):

The Networking area is not recorded.

Other Ways to Network

In addition to one-on-one meetings in the Networking area, here are more ways to connect with fellow attendees:


Search for a person and send them a private message (direct message) or invite them to a video call. This is available from the People tab. 

Chat tab

Use Event chat to communicate globally to the whole conference. Use Stage chat and Session chat to communicate within the activity.

Sessions area

In the Sessions area, click + Create Session to set up and host your own group video chat during the event.

Your Hopin profile

Update your profile with your photo, a short description, and social media. Your information will appear in the Networking area during one-on-one meetings and in the People tab.

Replay (Videos)

Unedited recordings of sessions will be available in the Replay area of Hopin approximately one hour after the live session.
We will replace the Replay videos with edited versions after the conference.


The Expo area is a virtual exhibitor hall featuring sponsor and vendor booths that offer pre-recorded videos, additional information, and social media links.


Desktop (web)

Hopin recommends using the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge (chromium version on Windows 10 only) for the best experience.

Safari is not fully compatible with Hopin video on desktops and Explorer/Edge (non chromium) is not compatible on desktops.


You can access Hopin events via mobile devices (phone or tablet) with some limited compatibility on the following browsers:

You can also access the events using the using the Hopin mobile app available for Android and iOS (Apple).

Stream speeds

Before an event, you can test your Hopin stream quality. 

You can also test your internet speed.  At a minimum, your upload speed should be 2 Mbps and your download should be 5 Mbps. Ideally, you will test at 10 Mbps upload and 30 Mbps download.


VPN can block your access to Hopin features.

If you have VPN installed, you may need to temporarily disable it, or turn it off, to join a Hopin event. 

Technical Support

During an event, click on GET HELP from Paul Albertson in any chat area, or find GET HELP from Paul Albertson in the People tab, and message Paul for technical support. 

Post-event Content

Recordings of educational sessions, plus slides and chat logs, will be made available after the event in a password-protected library. You will receive a notice by email about four working days after the conference with information on how to access them.