ConveyUX – Ten Years in the Making

Since 2012, ConveyUX has brought together experienced practitioners from many realms including design, research, strategy, and product management, to share the latest about the world of user experience. And this year is no exception.

ConveyUX’22 will kick off on May 3rd with a warm welcome from Joe Welinske, ConveyUX Program Manager and Blink Accessibility Director, followed by keynote presenter Real Canty and the team from Google’s Equity Engineering division, diving deep into how UX will need to adapt to meet DEI challenges. Blink’s Alexi Glines will also touch on DEI, how the committee within Blink was formed, and lessons learned along the way.

The beauty of ConveyUX lies not only in the diversity of the topics but also in how different speakers can articulate the same topic from different angles. This year will feature a variety of topics all linked to and affected by UX in their own way, including:

In addition to our staple Networking activities, ConveyUX’22 will feature several workshops and interactive sessions on May 4th from 11:45-2:30 pm PT, to give attendees a chance to share their expertise and apply techniques and tools to their own projects. Also, Project Showcase is back with live discussions, and a couple of Book Clubs are scheduled for May 5th.

Blink practitioners will also offer some interesting tips on techniques and latest technologies in Quick Tips, plus a look into its qualitative research division, Insight Space, and current career opportunities.

Keynote speaker Fonz Morris will wrap it up with where business and design intersect in Growth Design, before concluding comments.

Check out the full schedule, impressive lineup of speakers, and make sure to register before April 30th!