ConveyUX ’23 — Interest Areas and a Variety of Industry Leaders

At Blink UX, our aim is to give you the tools to let you choose the conference sessions that best suit your needs and interests. With this in mind, we have categorized our sessions by interest area according to subject and content.

The interest areas covered this year are:

Our purpose in offering this wide range of interest areas is to ensure that all UX professionals benefit from our sessions.

Use the Interest Areas pull-down menu on the ConveyUX ’23 Program page to filter sessions.

To go with the many interest areas, there are a multitude of speakers from industry-leading companies on the program. Among these leaders are household names like Etsy, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Meta. You can benefit directly from their knowhow and experience through the presentations given by their representatives.

For example, learn about IBM’s remarkable journey to create a sustainable culture of design that is transforming IBM products in Scaling Design Excellence Across the Enterprise by Katrina Alcorn. Or learn about gesturing with your hands as a whole new way of interacting with digital products in Designing for Hands, Gestures and VR by Matt Corrall of Ultraleap.

Speakers from many smaller companies and organizations are equally on the bill. For instance, Jen Blatz of Rocket Companies, Amanda Varney of Command Alkon, and Adilice Sanches of Pleo will present research-oriented subjects.

Go to the Speakers page to see all the UX professionals presenting at this year’s conference. From this page, you can select individual speakers to see their profiles and sessions.

See you at the conference!