Since its inception in 2013, the annual ConveyUX conference produced by Blink UX has been a premiere gathering for user experience professionals.

A popular component of the conference is the Project Showcase. The Showcase features live demonstrations of completed UX projects developed by people from around the world. In each Showcase, your UX peers from a dozen organizations talk about their project work.

The 2023 Project Showcase takes place Wednesday, May 3, 2023.

In preparation for the 2023 event, we are inviting you to submit a proposal for presenting your project. This is a great opportunity to show off your work and gain valuable feedback from your peers.

We look forward to your participation!

How It Works

ConveyUX ’23 is designed as a digital-first event. All presentations will be delivered live online.

Each Showcase presenter will be assigned their own virtual meeting space. You can show off your work and meet with the attendees in a Zoom-style booth. You will be expected to bring examples from your project. This might include artifacts like sketches and prototypes. You might display digital work. Anything helps tell your story is welcome.

As attendees visit your booth, you provide a short pitch regarding the challenges and solutions that were part of the project journey. This is not a formal presentation.

The Showcase will be open for two hours and you will be expected to be at available during that time. The Showcase will overlap the workshops in that time period. Those would not be available for you to attend.

Showcase Proposal

Our proposal process is informal and easy—no forms! Send a detailed description of your project and organization as well as some information about yourself. Projects need to be specifically identified. Generalized discussions are not appropriate. We want to see and hear about real-world work product.

Send your proposal to Joe Welinske, Program Manager.

One complimentary registration is provided for each Showcase project. You are welcome to include more than one participant, but the others will need to register at a discounted conference rate.

Student Opportunities

The Project Showcase is also an opportunity for students to present their academic project. If you are currently enrolled and would like to participate, send your proposal as described above.