Project Work

Inviting Experimentation by Design

Margaret Stewart of Facebook thinks designing elegant tools may be the highest-impact opportunity for designers today. At Pardot (Salesforce), we can attest to that. The star of our app, Engagement Studio, was borne out of a desire to go deeper into interaction and interface design. By seeking out opportunities to make our users’ experience truly […]

Designing for Decision-making

How to help Our clients make the right choices Solving design problems for our users is our daily job. But sometimes we have additional challenges that have more to do with the Client than with the project, like helping them make key UX decisions or winning approval so we can move the project forward. Developing […]

When UX Takes a Daytrip to Paris

Digital interfaces open up endless possibilities when it comes to helping people on the move. But how can we maximise the UX in a way that transforms getting somewhere from a functional activity to an enriched travel experience? At Eurostar we are unearthing possibilities at each point of the passenger lifecycle, and looking far beyond […]

Project Showcase – 2018

The Project Showcase is an informal exhibition of project work that you visit at your leisure. The project representatives will be on hand to demonstrate their work and explain their design challenges and solutions. This is a great opportunity for face-to-face discussions about cutting-edge projects.

Collaboration Through a Content Journey Approach

  A case study – Adoptive Families Association of BC When looking at a web redesign, starting the content conversation across departmental teams can seem tricky. In fact, it can seem impossible. Whether you work independently, or are part of larger project team, this presentation will share some ways to better plan for web and […]

Design Sprints in the Wild

Lessons Learned from a Year of Design Sprints In the last few years, Google Ventures has popularized a framework for quickly moving from problem definition to usability in just one week. Called “design sprints,” this process tackles a different part of the design process each day. The appeal of the design sprint is clear, and […]

Witness Wednesdays: Informing Agile Software Development with Continuous User Insight

In the startup world, speed to market is everything. This talk covers how we embedded user insights into a rapid software development cycle by conducting usability studies that break the stereotype that “research takes too long”. We’ll show you how we planned, conducted, analyzed and informed our dev sprints in just one week with what famously became known as “Witness Wednesday”. […]

3 Keys for Successful Platform Design at NPR

The Digital Media Design team at NPR strives to design experiences that meet listeners and readers across the all places they are now and will be in the future—websites, smartphones, tablets, connected cars, connected homes, wearables, and more. Over the past several years, the team has launched and iterated on NPR One—NPR’s personalized, on-demand listening […]

Boeing: An All-you-can-eat UX Buffet

Session slides An entire career is not nearly enough to scratch the ‘usability surface’ of the complicated manufactured aerospace products in the world.  For nearly ten years, Rachelle has been focused on passenger experience in aerospace interiors from product development and marketing perspectives.  She will share research and design philosophies behind the 787 cabin and […]