Project Work

Witness Wednesdays: Informing Agile Software Development with Continuous User Insight

In the startup world, speed to market is everything. This talk covers how we embedded user insights into a rapid software development cycle by conducting usability studies that break the stereotype that “research takes too long”. We’ll show you how we planned, conducted, analyzed and informed our dev sprints in just one week with what famously became known as “Witness Wednesday”. […]

3 Keys for Successful Platform Design at NPR

The Digital Media Design team at NPR strives to design experiences that meet listeners and readers across the all places they are now and will be in the future—websites, smartphones, tablets, connected cars, connected homes, wearables, and more. Over the past several years, the team has launched and iterated on NPR One—NPR’s personalized, on-demand listening […]

Boeing: An All-you-can-eat UX Buffet

Session slides An entire career is not nearly enough to scratch the ‘usability surface’ of the complicated manufactured aerospace products in the world.  For nearly ten years, Rachelle has been focused on passenger experience in aerospace interiors from product development and marketing perspectives.  She will share research and design philosophies behind the 787 cabin and […]

Truth in Beauty: The Glamour Digital Ecosystem

Created with a strong human centered design approach the new Glamour connects people’s desires, business objectives and our client’s needs. When we started, less than 2 years ago, we completely changed Glamour’s business model and market positioning and to do so we ran design workshops with our top clients in the beauty market. The result […]

Redesigning MARTA: Changing Perceptions of Mass Transit Through UX

Nebo • Atlanta, Georgia Learn how the Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority used human-centered design to redesign their digital experience from the ground up. Meeting not just the needs of their 500,000 daily riders by providing insight into real-time arrival data and multi-modal trip planning, but also helping to change the perception of transit in a […]

UX and Mixed Reality: an Opportunity for Innovation

In a near future, VR and AR will be part of the regular digital channels offered to us as users and more to the point, as UX professionals. The technology is not fully stabilised, but is far enough along to give an idea of what’s coming. At Yu Centrik, we have been invited to assess […]

How to Research and Design for Humans, Not Users

As researchers and designers, we seek simple and beautiful ways to connect to people through design. But astoundingly, we let an overabundance of data in the form of click rates, SEO optimization, persona profiles, or broad generalizations about demographic cohorts guide our designs. We lose the sense of human experience as an art form. We […]

Designing for Driving with Android Auto

Cars are an integral part of our daily lives yet they remain largely disconnected from our digital lives.  This gap in connectivity has propagated improper use of phones while driving and has led to devastating roadway accidents.  But through technology, there is a better way for in­vehicle interfaces to provide the rich experiences users are […]

Life As A Rock’ n’ Roll Photographer in Negative Space

For Charles Peterson, this philosophy comes to mind: ‘simple is always better – except of course when it isn’t!’ Charles has been closely associated with Seattle as a photographer for well over twenty five years. His iconic photos from the Seattle music scene in the late ’80s and early ’90s helped spark the world’s interest […]