Info for Registered Attendees

Thank you for registering for the ConveyUX conference. Here are notes about some of the resources that are available to you.

Hotel / Venue

All of the conference activities take place at the Motif Seattle hotel. Our Hotel & Travel page has information about the hotel. Rooms include free wi-fi.

Conference App

Here is a link to the early edition of the conference app on SCHED. Most attendees don’t get around to adding in their profile until right before the event. However, you are welcome to start using it at any time. Your logon uses the email address you used when registering for the event.


The Westlake Center station in the Metro bus tunnel is just two blocks from the hotel. If you are taking the train from the airport, it stops there.

Parking is valet-only and expensive at the hotel. Early bird parking in nearby lots is generally around $15 per day. Those lots are often full by 8:30am.


You do not need to have a printed ticket. Just tell us your name to receive your badge and other materials.

  • Check-in and workshops on Tuesday takes place in the Seattle Ballroom on the 4th floor starting at 8:45 am.
  • Check-in on Wednesday and Thursday is on the 3rd floor starting at 8:00 am. Opening session is in the Emerald Ballroom.


If you are staying at the Motif hotel, you will receive complimentary internet access in your guest room. Ask for the code upon check-in.

We will have wifi access for everyone throughout the conference area Tuesday-Thursday.

  • network: Motif Meetings * username: conveyux * password: conveyux

Free public wifi is available in the lobby and the Frolic bar on the 5th floor.

Social Media

YouTube: Subscribe to our channel and see all the preview videos for the upcoming event. We also post videos from past events.

Twitter: You might want to follow our ConveyUX tweets. The hashtag is #conveyux. We are retweeting interesting comments from our speakers.

Facebook: We have a Facebook page for ConveyUX. The speaker preview videos are posted there in addition to the web site. You are invited to make visitor posts and we hope you “like” it.

LinkedIn: We have a conference Interest Group. This connects you to any of the past, current, or future attendees of ConveyUX who have elected to join the group.

Slides and Videos

All registered attendees receive exclusive access to presentation slides and recorded video presentations. You will receive a notice about access to the slides about three days after the conference. We will collect the latest version available from the speakers and post them for you to download. The live video recordings will be synced with the slides. Those will be available about two week after the conferences. You will receive an email with information on when and how to access the slides and videos.


We look forward to hosting you at the conference!