Frequently Asked Questions for Attendees

Welcome to ConveyUX! Here are answers to a lot of things of interest to attendees.

Final Slides

It is up to the speakers to elect to provide us with slides or other materials. Below is a link to a DropBox share of the materials that they have submitted post-conference.

You will receive a notice about your password-protected access to the videos in about two weeks.

Evaluations / Feedback

We want your feedback. So, we have several ways you can give it to us. Use any or all, any time, any amount. We read all comments. We will respond to you personally if you provide your badge number of name.

  • Each session on the SCHED web app has a quick evaluation form. Tap the “Feedback Survey” button.
  • You can use our SurveyMonkey form to provide us with more detailed, comprehensive feedback.
  • If you are using our Slack site, there is a Feedback channel.

Hotel / Venue

All of the conference activities take place at the Motif Seattle hotel1415 Fifth Avenue Seattle, WA 98101. Seating for all sessions is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Code of Conduct

The ConveyUX UX has a Code of Conduct that we expect attendees to adhere to. For related issues contact Joe Welinske: 206-304-1687. For immediate assistance contact Motif Hotel security 206-971-8071.

Conference App

Join our web site for custom scheduling. Use the email address you registered with to do a password reset and create your own logon.

Sign up for a Slack invite

ConveyUX offers Slack as an alternate method of getting and sharing conference news. Fill out the following simple form to get your Slack invite.


The Westlake Center station in the Metro bus tunnel is just two blocks from the hotel. If you are need to take the train to/from the airport, it stops there.

Parking is valet-only and expensive at the hotel. Early bird parking in nearby lots is generally around $15 per day. Those lots are often full by 8:30am.

Attending Sessions

Attend any of the sessions over the three days. Tuesday workshops are included.


We have free WiFi throughout the 3rd and 4th floors where the conference is held.

  • WiFi network and password: ConveyUX

Free public wifi is available in the lobby and the Frolic bar on the 5th floor.

Please consider downloading slides and other large files prior to the event to help ensure sufficient bandwidth for all.

Social Media

YouTube: Subscribe to our channel.

Twitter: Follow ConveyUX tweets. #conveyux. A list of attendee Twitter names.

Facebook: “Like” us on our Facebook page.

LinkedIn: We have a conference Interest Group.

Recharging Station

The Pioneer room is common space where you can relax or work between sessions. We’ve stocked it with some comfy chairs, work tables, and power stations. The Pioneer room is located on the 4th floor with entrances on the foyer and meeting room sides.
Power strips are provided on a limited basis in most rooms.

Slides and Videos

It is up to the speakers to elect to provide us with slides or another materials. Below you will find a list of the materials that they have submitted in advance of the conference. You will receive a notice about access to any additional slides or materials about three days after the conference.

We will be recording all of the Wednesday and Thursday sessions, but not the Tuesday workshops. The live video recordings will be synced with the slides. You will receive a notice about access to videos about two weeks after the conference.

Early release slides / materials

Please consider downloading prior to the conference day to help maintain sufficient bandwidth for all during the event.

Tuesday Workshops

Interaction Design Bootcamp: Sketch and InVision

Org Design for Design Orgs

Designing Calm Technology

The IA of AI


Designing for Privacy in Mobile and Web Apps

Employing UX Research Methods to Create User-informed Text

Fission to Fusion – Boosting the Value of your Design Process


Design Do’s and Don’ts for Great AR

Transforming a Healthcare System with a Progressive Approach

Boeing: An All-you-can-eat UX Buffet